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Training Resources for Surefire CRM

Updating Company Information in Surefire

Your company profile contains information on everything from your mailing address to you NMLS licensure.  In this video you’ll learn how to review and update thin information with a few clicks.  

Connect Your Company Social Media Accounts

Surefire helps lenders coordinate and manage their social media posting under one account.  This video covers how to integrate each of your social accounts to the platform so that you can start posting.  

Cleaning Spreadsheets Prior To Uploading Data

This two part video series covers the steps system administrators should take prior to sending in CSV files for upload into their Surefire database. 

Quickly Eliminate Duplicates From Your Database

Duplicate contacts take up space and can cause issues for your mortgage marketing strategy.  

Success Through Database Segmentation

Segmenting your database helps make sure that you are sending the right information to the right group of contacts at the right time.  This video will show you the many ways to segment your contact groups. 

Grouping Your Contacts with Search Groups

Search groups allow you go group your contacts based on different data sets helping you deploy information to the right contacts at the right time.  

Adding Contacts To Workflows

Workflows help to automate your marketing process delivering emails, videos, and other creative contact based on different triggers you set.  In this video you’ll be introduced to the basics of marketing workflows. 

What’s Available in Your Media Library?

Surefire CRM has an extensive media library housing videos, flyers, emails, forms and so much more.  This video will introduce you to all of the available deployments in the library.  

The Media Library and Deployment Center

Surefire’s media library is full of different creative assets that you can update with your company branding and deploy across different channels.  

Distributing Contact Forms

Contact forms are a tool in the Surefire system that help your new and existing customer submit their information directly into your contact database.  

Deploying Flyers and Single Property Sites

Single Property Sites and flyers help loan officers work with their real estate partners to co-market listings.  These tools are great for building out referral partner networks.    

Find and Download a Flyer in the Media Library

With the Surefire platform, you have the ability to download and send flyers to your customers.  In this video you’ll discover where flyers are housed and how to deploy them in the platform. 

Finding Opportunities in Your Own Database

This video teaches how you can leverage your data to create new opportunities with the existing contacts in your database.  

Use Surefire’s Blueprints for Success To Boost Your ROI

Maximize your ROI and build the marketing engine of your dreams using Surefire CRM’s out-of-the-box modules purpose-built for every type of lender.  

Rules and Workflows Automate Your Marketing

Rules and workflows are the cornerstone of marketing automation.  In this video you’ll learn how to review and edit these functions.  

Using Surefire to Recruit Your Dream Team

Surefire isn’t just for marketing to your borrowers.  With this system you can actively market to your company’s potential to future employees. 

Importing You Contact Database

In this five part video series we will teach you the ins and out of complete mass data imports into the Surefire Platform.  .  

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