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Training Resources for Surefire CRM

Accessing Help Resources For Surefire CRM 

This video provides a short overview of the many help resources available to Surefire users.  

What to Know Before You Upload Data 

Before adding contacts in bulk to your Surefire account, you should ensure that your system administrator reviews and formats the data.  There are also services which can be used to complete this process.  .

Set Up and Review Your Surefire Profile

As a new Surefire user, your system administrator will help you set up your Surefire Profile.  In this video you’ll learn how to review the information and request edits as needed. 

Turn On and Manage Your Notifications

Notifications are a tool that help Surefire users stay up to date on time sensitive tasks.  This video covers how to manage these different notifications and update your preferences.  

Add A Contact Manually to Your Surefire Database

As your business continues to grow there may be times that you need to add a new contact to your database outside of your automation or admin data uploads.  In this video you’ll learn how to add a single contact to your database.  

 What Information is Stored in A Contact Record

There is no limit to the data you can store within your Surefire database.  A customer record is where you can view data for an individual prospective or current borrower.  This video will give an overview for what you can find in a contact record.   

Locating Contact Records in Surefire

In this video we will review the ways you can locate individual contact records within the Surefire CRM platform. 

Deploying Emails to Your Contacts

This video shows how to create an email within the Surefire platform to send to a single contact. 

Integrate Your Social Media Platforms

Surefire CRM allows loan officers to integrate their LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.  In this video you’ll learn how to connect your accounts so that you can start posting through Surefire.  

Deploying Emails to Your Contacts

There are times when you will need to send communications to a singled contact.  Luckily there is an option to send an email to a single contact record within Surefire.  

Find & Download Flyers in Surefire

With the Surefire platform, you have the ability to download and send flyers to your customers.  In this video you’ll discover where flyers are housed and how to deploy them in the platform. 

Creating A Single Property Site

Single Property Sites help loan officers work with their real estate partners to co-market listings.  In this three video series you’ll learn how to upload an active MLS listings into a Single Property Site.  

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